Friday, June 11, 2010

little watercolor project

this is a poster i whipped up yesterday for my hubbie, garrett lebeau, to have something to advertise his shows with ...he's a really unique & amazing musician/singer/songwriter & i think he's finally getting some recognition in austin, after years of very hard work ...i'm excited that he's opening for charlie mars~ it'll be a fun show! ~~i know this little poster isn't the most incredible  piece of artwork in the world but i had fun doing it & i think it turned out kind of neat-o.  :)


  1. i love the watercolor erin!
    i was trying to imagine it in my head.
    i'm a fan of ink detailing- is your script
    and curliques in ink or are you just that good with a brush?

    p.s. i can see where your daughter gets her sense of color.

  2. aw thanks :) ...its a brown sharpie --shh don't tell anybody!

  3. I love the poster. Its hip and groovy and simple yet powerful. It looks like Garrett Lebeau so thats cool. I've seen him play in Austin and on youtube. He's good.

  4. I would go based on that poster alone.

    Great job Erin, very artistic!