Thursday, October 28, 2010

vote at spoonflower! (2)

Hey Ya'll!  I just wanted to post this project I threw together when I saw that the contest this week to design fabric over at Spoonflower was "woodland creatures" --how fun is that?! I had fun with this alphabet concept & coming up with something for every letter. I'm really pleased with how my art work came out... however, a bit of the concept gets lost in translation when its scanned to digital & seen on the screen. The color washed out a bit & I don't think all the detail that I put into it comes through. Like I've said, I'm really working on conforming my style more to the medium of fabric design. As it is, I think it's more suited for illustrating books, which would be lovely to get into also. ...Anyway, go have fun voting for your favorites (as many as you want!) This contest goes till next Thursday.   (Oh, click on the image here to see a larger view.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

reading lesson

Word on the page: a-t.         ME: "ok let's sound out this word. what's your first sound?"          C: " aaaa."         ME: "good. what's your next sound?"          C: "tt!"           ME: "good! now let's put them together. sound it out."      C: "rrrrraad!"          ME: "honey, you're saying sounds that aren't even in the word. let's sound it out again."        C: "rrrrr..."            ME: "ok you're not even looking at the page. you need to look at your word to be able to read it."         C: "rrr..."             ME: "let's sound it out again. first sound?"       C: "aaaa."        ME: "good! next sound?"          C "tt."                ME: "good! now let's put them together."        C: "rrrrr ....curious??"    .....("aaaaaaaahh!" do you see why this is so frustrating? it's like a battle of wills every time we sit down to a reading lesson. but she is making progress. it's just hard to figure out sometimes when she's really not getting it or just being stubborn, um, spirited. thanks for listening. i feel better.)

Friday, October 1, 2010