Monday, December 13, 2010

vote at spoonflower! (4)

the theme was "time travel" ....took me a while of stewing over it to figure out my own interpretation, that it didn't need to mean some odd sci-fi thing, which i don't think i could do. for me it meant simply thinking of a period of time i've always wanted to travel back to & try to capture a quiet piece of it...   sorry i've forgotten to post this, so you can only vote till thursday morning... hope all is well out there --had lots of company lately, so it's been busy  & then we got a flu bug, so been cleaning up after sicky kids, but they seem to be feeling better...

Friday, November 26, 2010

vote at spoonflower! (3)

Here's my entry for the contest "candles". Like most of my art in the fabric contests, it requires you to look closer to see all the little details... PLEASE Go vote at spoonflower!! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the change of season, wherever you are. It is crisply cool (mmm, cold) in Texas ...some friends are camping right now at our favorite outdoor spot & it is supposed to get below 20 tonight! I'm glad we're just going for the day tomorrow & not trying to sleep out there! brrrrr!

Monday, November 22, 2010

please excuse the mess...

I'm wanting to give my blog a little makeover but can't decide which way I want to go... so please pardon me while I figure it out. In the meantime here's some designs I've been playing at for fabric over at spoonflower. This first one is for the next contest, theme "candles". And the bears (which I'm kind of in love with!) evolved from that. I've discovered if I paint only the actual objects in the design & leave the background white, it's super easy to color only the background & make a seamless repeat...       

Thursday, November 18, 2010

sign, pleeeease!

I don't usually do things like this, but it's something that I feel is really important & I guess this petition needs more signatures pronto! You can hear more about it here ...he's doing an amazing job trying to get healthier food for the kiddos --enjoyed last season of his show so much & they're getting ready to film another one soon! ...So just thought I'd help in my own little way to spread the word...thanks ya'll!

Monday, November 15, 2010

sweety girl in ballet class

Finally posting these ...she's been taking ballet/tap/gymnastics class for about two months now & really enjoying it! I'm so glad because I wanted her to start while she was still young to help with coordination & confidence ...& it gives her something to look forward to every week, which really helps with homeschooling! (thankyou marmie & ali aunt!!!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Fest

I haven't had any new quilts finished like would have liked, so my entry is my trusty ol' Amy Butler "just because" quilt. It was one of the first sewing projects I ever did, probably going on ten years ago. It's a great example of how a quilt starts to become like an old friend, worn & loved.   

              Now go check out all the amazing quilts & get inspired!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

vote at spoonflower! (2)

Hey Ya'll!  I just wanted to post this project I threw together when I saw that the contest this week to design fabric over at Spoonflower was "woodland creatures" --how fun is that?! I had fun with this alphabet concept & coming up with something for every letter. I'm really pleased with how my art work came out... however, a bit of the concept gets lost in translation when its scanned to digital & seen on the screen. The color washed out a bit & I don't think all the detail that I put into it comes through. Like I've said, I'm really working on conforming my style more to the medium of fabric design. As it is, I think it's more suited for illustrating books, which would be lovely to get into also. ...Anyway, go have fun voting for your favorites (as many as you want!) This contest goes till next Thursday.   (Oh, click on the image here to see a larger view.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

reading lesson

Word on the page: a-t.         ME: "ok let's sound out this word. what's your first sound?"          C: " aaaa."         ME: "good. what's your next sound?"          C: "tt!"           ME: "good! now let's put them together. sound it out."      C: "rrrrraad!"          ME: "honey, you're saying sounds that aren't even in the word. let's sound it out again."        C: "rrrrr..."            ME: "ok you're not even looking at the page. you need to look at your word to be able to read it."         C: "rrr..."             ME: "let's sound it out again. first sound?"       C: "aaaa."        ME: "good! next sound?"          C "tt."                ME: "good! now let's put them together."        C: "rrrrr ....curious??"    .....("aaaaaaaahh!" do you see why this is so frustrating? it's like a battle of wills every time we sit down to a reading lesson. but she is making progress. it's just hard to figure out sometimes when she's really not getting it or just being stubborn, um, spirited. thanks for listening. i feel better.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

vote at spoonflower!'s a follow-up to my last post. voting for "gourds" contest is up & running! (this is my first time entering a contest there & i have much to learn....) there are some really fun prints & you can vote for as many as you want!! (new contest every week :)    spoonflowercontest

Saturday, September 25, 2010

some art work...

ok here's some things i've been working on lately ...(i've actually had a bit of an obsession: i really want to design fabric! so i've really been pouring a lot into developing an idea --but i'm realizing i just can't rush this, primarily cause i don't know enough about the medium yet.) so i've rediscovered spoonflower. i already knew about it, but i didn't think of it as such a resource for learning the medium (one of the only resources for someone like me.) it's a whole new ball o'wax to translate art work into something that's graphically pleasing & repeatable. so i'm starting to take advantage of this "design-your-own-fabric" site. it's a great way to mess around with your ideas to see what works or doesn't. so here's some pieces i did inspired by the "gourds" contest next week (there's a new theme for a contest every week & anyone can go vote -fun!)                     ....& here it is in repeat:       so  i wanted to do some sweet little prints to complement the main piece, so this is bird village, which i'm really happy with how it looks in repeat- more "fabric-y".                       ...& feathers, which i love, but need to work on a little more so it's a smoother repeat .....                   .....& this is a totally different project. it's a banner i painted for the other blog -my side business with my friends.                 

Monday, September 20, 2010


i just wanted to check in & apologize for being MIA for so long... my lack of posting is due to a.) our camera is broke (we just don't have much luck with electronics grrr)  & b.) just not much to report. ....but i'll give a little update anyway. sweety girl is now a kindergartner -at home- & things are already more of a challenge than i expected. we're so bad about being in a good routine, so that doesn't help, but actually teaching this girl is not always going smoothly. she's extremely bright but just seems to have a bit of a block when it comes to letters & words. i don't know if it's stubbornness or that she just isn't getting it yet. we're persevering though. ....little man is still working on the potty training, but we'll have a good day followed by 2 or 3 frustrating ones, but i don't expect these things to happen quickly so it's ok. he has a new word though! it goes like this:  "dehr-CHTT!"  did you get that? it means "truck", of course :)  ...i want to get back in sewing mode & make sweety girl some dresses & little zipper pouches for school, among other things, but can't get into that mode yet. i have been working on some water color projects, though, that i'll post soon. ....also want to motivate myself to get out & get my fall garden planted, (which first involves tearing out the scorched overgrowth & weeds weeds weeds from the summer garden) but the weather is just starting to turn, so soon it will be cool enough to want to be out again.   ok. i'll stop there. see, i told you it wasn't exciting ;)  just wanted to give a little shout ...out there.

Monday, September 13, 2010

peek at a project

here's a little something i'm working on --i'll show the whole thing when i get to a scanner... (i've never done birds before, but i'm kinda lovin these little finches!) ...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

happy place (this qualifies)

 um... amy butler does wallpaper now. i want some. any of it. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

someone's potty training!!

i've heard boys are notoriously tough to train, so i've been expecting the worse. but here he is, a month shy of two, and he's being easy peasy. we're just being very relaxed about it & keeping it fun. the baby sign for "potty" is a tremendous help, as he's not real big on the spoken word. in fact, this boy's been a little ahead on everything but talking. he says 3 words: mama!, bye bye & dad. oh well ...i heard a rumor once that einstien didn't talk til he was five. but don't quote me on that :)      

Monday, August 16, 2010

We Made a Wedding Cake!!

We had a "little" job this weekend. It shouldn't have taken too long, but since we're not too experienced with cakes just yet, we really took our time. But it turned out just lovely & we got a taste for so many other things we want to try! Of course we make everything from scratch & always the best ingredients. This buttercream is to die for -so luxurious & not as intimidating as I had thought. All said, it was a great experience --even if we're new at something, we really take our time at it till we get it right. Can't wait to get more orders & chances to perfect this sweet artform :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

happy place!

i'm calling this new installment "happy place" --absolutely anything that is so funny, adorable or ingenius that i just have to pass it on. this video has to be the cutest kid in the universe -for real. i almost don't need to read the story, just watching her & listening is amazing ( "cro-co-dile" :) (but the story is too cool also.) ...& i think she should play audrey tautou's child double in her next film ;)               and this one just made me crack up....  aren't we lucky our kids don't remember much for the first few years...?                                                                                                                                                   

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fairie Tree

We come to this park to play all the time ...and still one day I noticed this tree for the first time. It's a beautiful tree, though seemingly average. But look closer ...           
                      Isn't this just where you'd be if you were a little critter or, say, a fairie? (At this point I do apologize that my photos don't do it justice.)      
    .....I took a watercolor class when I was 16. Nothing against the teacher, but she was very conventional in her view of what was acceptable. She was only interested in teaching the proper technique, not in  translation from the eye of the artist, & certainly not in breaking "the rules" a bit. The feeling i was left with was that watercolor was a very touchy & difficult media and that I just wasn't good enough. Isn't that a shame to feel that way about anything you're interested in? Especially when someone else has unwittingly caused you to doubt yourself? It's taken me 16 years to pick up a watercolor brush again & I'm having so much fun! I may not be very good from a conventional point of view but I'm discovering my own style. ..So please never let yourself or someone else tell you you wouldn't be good at something you'd like to try --do it for yourself & enjoy it :)           
                                                      oooooooo! DUCKS!