Monday, September 20, 2010


i just wanted to check in & apologize for being MIA for so long... my lack of posting is due to a.) our camera is broke (we just don't have much luck with electronics grrr)  & b.) just not much to report. ....but i'll give a little update anyway. sweety girl is now a kindergartner -at home- & things are already more of a challenge than i expected. we're so bad about being in a good routine, so that doesn't help, but actually teaching this girl is not always going smoothly. she's extremely bright but just seems to have a bit of a block when it comes to letters & words. i don't know if it's stubbornness or that she just isn't getting it yet. we're persevering though. ....little man is still working on the potty training, but we'll have a good day followed by 2 or 3 frustrating ones, but i don't expect these things to happen quickly so it's ok. he has a new word though! it goes like this:  "dehr-CHTT!"  did you get that? it means "truck", of course :)  ...i want to get back in sewing mode & make sweety girl some dresses & little zipper pouches for school, among other things, but can't get into that mode yet. i have been working on some water color projects, though, that i'll post soon. ....also want to motivate myself to get out & get my fall garden planted, (which first involves tearing out the scorched overgrowth & weeds weeds weeds from the summer garden) but the weather is just starting to turn, so soon it will be cool enough to want to be out again.   ok. i'll stop there. see, i told you it wasn't exciting ;)  just wanted to give a little shout ...out there.


  1. I think this is what happens when you are a dreamer more than a doer. You can think up lots of things that sound wonderful to do...You just need your second wind which will come. Spring is easy, it's a time to get busy but as winter approaches it seems like we automatically want to hunker down and read books and cook bread and soup and eat. It's the natural rhythm that's in force here I believe. So go with the flow for a bit. Then ask yourself what the priorities are and what can get tucked away for a bit. Enjoy the little sweeties. They will be grown and gone someday. Signed, been there and done that

  2. ahh the good ole days of homeschooling!

    I remember reading once that a teacher cut out the letters of the alphabet from sandpaper. Then she glued fabrics and other things on the non sandpaper side of the sand paper. So the "A" would be scratchy on one side and there would be velvet on the other...the "B" would be sandpaper on one side and crushed rose petals on the other and so on and so on. Then she let the children handle each letter while they talked about the letter. She felt that this helped the child to better absorb the letter through their tactile abilities since most kids are highly tactile/kinesthetic to begin with.

    I thought that was such an intriguing idea!

  3. thankyou martyann :) ....& very cool idea indie!

  4. Love the idea of the letters that would help the child use all their sences.