Monday, August 16, 2010

We Made a Wedding Cake!!

We had a "little" job this weekend. It shouldn't have taken too long, but since we're not too experienced with cakes just yet, we really took our time. But it turned out just lovely & we got a taste for so many other things we want to try! Of course we make everything from scratch & always the best ingredients. This buttercream is to die for -so luxurious & not as intimidating as I had thought. All said, it was a great experience --even if we're new at something, we really take our time at it till we get it right. Can't wait to get more orders & chances to perfect this sweet artform :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

happy place!

i'm calling this new installment "happy place" --absolutely anything that is so funny, adorable or ingenius that i just have to pass it on. this video has to be the cutest kid in the universe -for real. i almost don't need to read the story, just watching her & listening is amazing ( "cro-co-dile" :) (but the story is too cool also.) ...& i think she should play audrey tautou's child double in her next film ;)               and this one just made me crack up....  aren't we lucky our kids don't remember much for the first few years...?                                                                                                                                                   

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fairie Tree

We come to this park to play all the time ...and still one day I noticed this tree for the first time. It's a beautiful tree, though seemingly average. But look closer ...           
                      Isn't this just where you'd be if you were a little critter or, say, a fairie? (At this point I do apologize that my photos don't do it justice.)      
    .....I took a watercolor class when I was 16. Nothing against the teacher, but she was very conventional in her view of what was acceptable. She was only interested in teaching the proper technique, not in  translation from the eye of the artist, & certainly not in breaking "the rules" a bit. The feeling i was left with was that watercolor was a very touchy & difficult media and that I just wasn't good enough. Isn't that a shame to feel that way about anything you're interested in? Especially when someone else has unwittingly caused you to doubt yourself? It's taken me 16 years to pick up a watercolor brush again & I'm having so much fun! I may not be very good from a conventional point of view but I'm discovering my own style. ..So please never let yourself or someone else tell you you wouldn't be good at something you'd like to try --do it for yourself & enjoy it :)           
                                                      oooooooo! DUCKS!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


 (All sweet, generous, wonderful crafters...)
This is the wee beginnings of something that could be beautiful :)   Here's the story: My sister-in-law has a dear sweet little girl named Magnolia (she's known as Nola.) Due to severe mecomium aspiration at birth, Nola was left severely mentally & physically disabled. My sis-in-law is in her early twenties and has found herself the single mom of this dear child, now three years old. She is such an amazing mom! She sacrafices everything for that baby and her only goal in life is to make Nola happy & comfortable. But as you can imagine, after the stress & exhaustion of doing this for the last few years and without near enough financial help, this little family is in dire need of some support. So Nola's grandma, aunt & I are starting "Knitting For Nola", a community for crafters & anyone who can help in any way. Any little way you can help would be wonderful. We are mainly asking for handmade crafts of any kind that could be sold, the profits of which will go completely to Nola's care. Please read a little more here & I will be adding more soon on both blogs. I really look forward to hearing from all you out there with any thoughts & ideas. Thankyou for reading this!!!