Sunday, August 1, 2010


 (All sweet, generous, wonderful crafters...)
This is the wee beginnings of something that could be beautiful :)   Here's the story: My sister-in-law has a dear sweet little girl named Magnolia (she's known as Nola.) Due to severe mecomium aspiration at birth, Nola was left severely mentally & physically disabled. My sis-in-law is in her early twenties and has found herself the single mom of this dear child, now three years old. She is such an amazing mom! She sacrafices everything for that baby and her only goal in life is to make Nola happy & comfortable. But as you can imagine, after the stress & exhaustion of doing this for the last few years and without near enough financial help, this little family is in dire need of some support. So Nola's grandma, aunt & I are starting "Knitting For Nola", a community for crafters & anyone who can help in any way. Any little way you can help would be wonderful. We are mainly asking for handmade crafts of any kind that could be sold, the profits of which will go completely to Nola's care. Please read a little more here & I will be adding more soon on both blogs. I really look forward to hearing from all you out there with any thoughts & ideas. Thankyou for reading this!!! 


  1. Oh, how I wish I could knit now more than ever!!!


  2. thanku for the comment ...& we would love ANY handmade anything (not just knitting :)

  3. I have my yarn and just need a crochet needle and a refresher course to get started! Happy to help out! Where do we send our finished products or what do we do?

  4. thankyou so so much for wanting to help! when you'd like to send something, let me know & i'll email you an address --can't wait to see what you make!! (i'm working on some little creations myself...)