Monday, December 13, 2010

vote at spoonflower! (4)

the theme was "time travel" ....took me a while of stewing over it to figure out my own interpretation, that it didn't need to mean some odd sci-fi thing, which i don't think i could do. for me it meant simply thinking of a period of time i've always wanted to travel back to & try to capture a quiet piece of it...   sorry i've forgotten to post this, so you can only vote till thursday morning... hope all is well out there --had lots of company lately, so it's been busy  & then we got a flu bug, so been cleaning up after sicky kids, but they seem to be feeling better...


  1. I missed checking in on you for a few days so couldn't vote on this. I like it. I'm thinking cute kitchen curtains in a small rustic cabin. Maybe in red? Did you scetch it? Don't you usually do water color. I know you don't have the graphics that many who do the contest have and I love the natural look. Good Job!!

  2. Love your time travel approach.

    Glad the kidlets are feeling better!


  3. I'm so excited! I just ordered a yard of this to make a valance for my kitchen window. I think this may be how I buy my fabrics from now on. So get busy and design more!!! OK?