Wednesday, January 19, 2011

happy place ....iron&wine

Hi ya'll! Had such a lovely day yesterday :) Got to go see one of my very favorite musicians Sam Beam aka  Iron and Wine.It was a small, short & sweet show at the KGSR station studio to promote his new album coming out next week. He sang 4 songs in all & visited with the audience abit. My favorite thing about seeing him was just what a super nice, normal guy he was --doesn't seem like sudden fame has made him at all pretentious ...more like he was just another guy in the room. Went with husband :) we had a great time, lovely day.(geez i look tired or something...)  The show was filmed & should be up on kgsr soon -I'll post a link when it is. Here's my new fav from the new album:

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  1. OH Erin I am sooooo jealous!!! i love iron and wine...when you were tellin me you saw him at lee and sandras i thought you were talking about another guy. I had no idea it was HIM!!!
    very cool very cool :D