Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sayin HI!

Sorry I've been MIA for quite a while, but here's a little update to say"hey out there!" ...Sweety girl is in kindergarten now (as in public school ...sigh.) We finally agreed it would be the best thing for her. I'm still all for homeschool, but I never counted on having such a social child. She can't get enough interaction & stimulation. And I think it's much better for her to enjoy it now while she's little (& it's fun) than always build it up in her head & resent that she didn't get to try it. So the plan is to send her for a couple years & go back to homeschooling when it seems like the right time for our family. ...Little man is just as crazy as ever, trying to talk a lot more lately & attempting to potty train again (the other little guy in the pictures is a friend's baby we're watching now a few days a week-he's a punkin!)...My baby brother is getting married sometime this spring. It's going to be a very simple, inexpensive affair, whatever they decide on, so we're all trying to pitch in & help them pull it off. And since I like any chance to play at crafty/weddingy things, I'm excited! ...Not much else at the moment so bye for now :)

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  1. I couldn't help but laugh out loud with delight to see the kids. So adorable. The catsup boy! Funny. I love that sweety girl is so sociable because I am not and I admire those who are. I love to see people who are truly interested in other people and who are not guarded like some of us have learned to be. They facinate me. It will be fun and interesting to watch her grow and see where all this interaction will take her. Thanks for these types of posts!!