Friday, May 28, 2010

garden shananagins & a sad cheesecake

i left the hose on to soak some plants, ran in the house to check on the laundry & look what i came back to...  
   who needs a swimming pool?                       ....other garden news (doesn't take much to get me excited): i was beginning to wonder if my little eggplant would ever amount to anything as its been under constant insect attack & it's been budding but then the flowers usually fall off. well look what a surprise i got today ...
        it's called 'fairy tale' eggplant- how sweet is that?             .....& yet still on another note: learned this morning my cousins from wyoming are visiting & we all decided to have dessert at my house this evening. i've been wanting to try making this ricotta cheesecake that sounded divine. i went thru the pain of whipping & folding eggwhites (enough said) & was told to bake for an hour till set & golden brown. two minutes before my timer goes off, with kids screaming in the tub, i casually check to see if my cake is starting to gently brown, thinking i'd be early & this is what i see ...                               so sad. i hope i can salvage it.....


  1. Awww.....but it tasted yummy :)
    Thanks for all the effort.
    Love you Ernie.


  2. aw thanku shell was so great to see you :)