Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...a superb lesson in procrastination

here's lovely quilt i'm working on. it's actually quite beautiful. it's one of those projects i'm making for someone else that i really wish i could keep for myself. it's made from amy butler (my fav), i think the line was called 'charm', mixed with solid four-patch. it will be the first quilt that i'll be finishing from start to finish- yikes! when we lived in wyoming, i worked in a fabric store for a lady with a long-arm machine, so i'd just do the fun part of sewing the quilt top & then trade work for her doing the rest of putting my quilts together. now i don't have that luxery as it's quite expensive, so..... i'm looking forward to it though. the pathetic part of this story is that it's a wedding present for some friends that got married...a year ago. yep. when i didn't get it finished for their wedding, it got put aside, destined to be a one month anniversary present. then a 3 month. then a 6 month. now their anniversary is june 11 & i'm determined to present it as a true anniversary gift... i'll let you know how that goes ;)                                                                                                         

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  1. Lovely present, I think "Charm" is one of her prettiest fabric lines. Your friend is lucky to receive this gift. Since you are giving it away, I think you have to really admire it as you finish it. But then, hopefully you may revisit the quilt as often as you can...

    ; )

    Thank you for your lovely comment.