Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sweety girl's quilt

I can restrain myself no longer!! I bought all this gorgeous fabric almost two years ago to make C a quilt for her big girl bed ...but, even though I wanted to dive right in, I put it aside, telling myself I better finish some old projects first. Well I have finished up a few, but not as much as I'd like; I just can't stand letting this adorable stash of yummies sit there anymore.
So I refined my vision in my head & started chopping away :) I love how it's coming along so far. This is not going to be a hurry-up marathon project, though. I really want this to be special, something my daughter will hopefully treasure for a long time (at this point in her little life, she'd be thrilled if I went to walmart & bought her a cheesy, bright pink "princess" bedspread! (shudder)) But I know she's going to love this & later on she'll be so thankful she got this instead. I'm adding lots of special touches like hand embroidery, applique & ric-rac; so like I said, it'll be a slow process. 
     ....and here's the little dolly quilt I already made for her to match her future quilt ...         


  1. this is the best material i have ever seen for a quilt. i love it. c will really appreciate it when she is older but she will probably love the pinks in it now. how sweet and lovely

  2. These fabrics are lovely for a young girl's quilt. I am an "old girl" and I would put these colors on my bed in a snap! I love the details you are adding to your blocks, especially the big rick-rack.

  3. hi Erin,
    that reminds me, the fabric for my nieces quilts is still waiting to meet my rotary cutter! the youngest is already a year old!
    I'm a shameless procrastinator, lol.
    thanks for commenting on my cancan girls quilt.
    stop by my blog anytime!
    grannygoodstuff on blogspot

  4. Erin, The fabric choices for the doll quilt are terrific and I really enjoyed your blog. It makes me wish I'd been able to have one when my children were young. You will love having the record of their growing up. Most of the time, people don't take pictures of the things that happen every day and those are the things you harken back to in your mind.
    Warm regards,
    Dana Fisher
    The Quilted Librarian

  5. these comments just make my day :) thanku dana- i really am enjoying this blog for that reason- kind of a journal of being a parent & hopefully having something to look back & see my kids grow (& maybe remember the things i did right?)