Saturday, May 29, 2010

sew excited!

i haven't bought myself anything in a long time ...but i've been swooning over this dress pattern for a while (it's even on my to-do list!) i'd also really like to take dottie angel's 'challenge of the utmost kind', wherein you commit to a whole year of only buying second-hand or hand-making items for yourself & your home. this should be easy for me because we haven't had money to buy things for so long anyway that handmaking things is becoming more of a delightful necessity. but, in order to take this challenge of not buying anything new, i first had to buy something new: this anna maria horner pattern. i think it's quite versatile; i can make long or short dresses with it & i'm also going to modify it into a top. anyway (yay!) it arrived yesterday,   along with some joel dewberry fabric that was very on sale -all from pink chalk. it is already washed & dried, so hopefully i can hack into it at naptime today!!      

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