Thursday, May 20, 2010

quilting continued

I'm determined to get this quilt done by this weekend so I've been staying up late working on it, which is not so smart. I can fall into this habit, since I crave my alone time so much, of staying up once the kids are finally in bed. I really pay for it ..& yet I keep doing it. And of course, if I focus on one thing, everything else goes to shambles; if I have a day in the garden, the dishes & laundry pile up; if I get into a project & try to keep up on the house, by the time I get back into the garden the weeds have taken over! Right now I have all of the above: dishes, laundry & weeds. And I'm not even doing a great job putting this quilt together. Like I said, it's my first quilt to complete start to finish -I usually just do the top. I might have started on a smaller quilt of course, but that would have been too sensible. But to cut myself some slack, this is what I have to work with:
a very plain, very old machine with no fancy quilting foot or platform or whatever else I would need. So I guess considering, I'm not doing too bad. It'll be fine. And I will try to make myself get some sleep tonight so I don't sound so whiney next time.  Oh! But we did get our first zucchini out of the garden today & now we are going to go eat him! 


  1. the zuccini is a boy! lol
    hey, the quilt looks great. do a load of laundry put it in the dryer and have that cute little girl fold everything. put them away just the way she folded them and praise her. maybe she will become your clothes folder. maybe.
    just love this blog. you are doing a great job. a picture of that garden please?

  2. haha! yes. & thanku:) she is getting to be a real help, i'll have to remember to put her to work more. i'll put up another garden pic real soon. we're gonna be flooded with tomatoes soon & a few squash everyday. made ur zucchini fritters today -they were a huge hit! kids gobbled them down!

  3. I have the same bad habit of staying up too late! I just love the "stilness" of the late night. It brings out the creative.

    (and I guess it also brings out the "cranky" in me the next morning too!)

    Love your blog and your pictures.

    Keep writing!


  4. hi 'indie' ;) nice to see you here!!! thanku